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"Nam. Frikin autocorrect"

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So when South Africa does the right thing and democratically removes Jacob Zuma and puts in Ramaphosa, the right wing turns around and tries to portray it like Nat Turner's rebellion. Hopefully, we trust the justice system for the same reason; it demands good evidence, applies reason and does not rely on faith.

Since I got them all correct does that mean I have to carry the baton and create a new word puzzle challenge, or did everyone go home for the night. Not to my knowledge, I've never heard of the term, but it does sound kinda rude It is can be rude, but most of the time it is how siblings embarrass a male teen sibling.

All of it. I have weird soil. The "investigation" isn't even completed, so why the calls for impeachment. Well. I am half-aware about these Western Agendas that were carried out in Bosnia-Harzegovina. It's nice to think "Oh what they could have done if only they stayed together" but Nelo And Feroze HD think the best we could have hoped for was some really angry and disjointed music.

his only contact with designer jeans is "Mom Jeans". Gofundme claims to charge 2. ( cant remember lol) Airport Me, me, me then spin the bottle.

Shame on you. Morrison won Ajateur 1) not being Peter Dutton 2) not being a woman.

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