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"That's a some big boobie traps."


I own a new dodge ram crew cab pickup, but prefer to drive my five ton military truck instead, my frugality from over forty years of military service has given me the knowledge to not live large, and instead I just prefer the quiet and solitude of my homestead.

You hear some things so often, you start to forget who it was that said 'em. Thus it isn't the prosecutors who are behind this, it's whoever is behind Big Tech who are the ones pulling their strings to get them to release skewed info for "public' consumption Well if you dig into the closet of MuellerComeyRosenstein just to name a few .

i do not force you to believe me. There also needs to be a time limit on how long a congress member can be away from work and still maintain Keira Moon Shemale seat. Anao everybody works for a full year and receives benefits for the same period of time, I guess it's easy.

Many athiests who come here do just that. Considering Osama and their family say they are from Saudi. I think that GOP Senators and Congressmen need to ask Jeff Sessions to step down as a matter of Justice, out of his disservice to the President, and out of his fialoure to perform his duty Brutwl America.

some of the articles re this have a picture of a little girl (maybe 10 yrs old) to represent the female activist. Oh, is this why Jefferson and Franklin spent time over in Paris fomenting the revolution in France for the overthrow of altar and throne and the institution of the secular State.

Hope y'all don't mind.

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  1. Maura7 months ago

    Regarding JGar and her cat...

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    Malajora6 months ago

    More than sober 😉

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    Yozshulrajas6 months ago

    And take all the rapist with them.

  4. Brutal anal
    Kizil6 months ago

    OMG!A very interesting topic never knew about it.

  5. Brutal anal
    Goltibei6 months ago

    There is a dark figure stearing at me

  6. Tojakree
    Tojakree6 months ago

    Lol. Tricked us all.

  7. Mugal5 months ago

    Doesn't it though

  8. Brutal anal
    Dilar5 months ago

    I know right

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    Yosar5 months ago


  10. Voodoolkis
    Voodoolkis5 months ago

    No. It's 1984

  11. Brutal anal
    Samujin5 months ago

    good point.

  12. Gahn
    Gahn5 months ago

    Yep, kinda what I was thinking.

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