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"Guessing* and yes"

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It seems a pretty common compulsion. Suleiyman something or the other. It's the dignity of work with all the work and none of the dignity.

If he wants to spend it on drugs and prostitutes, that's his business. Aristotelean physics, Alchemy, Neptunism, the geocentric universe, Spontaneous GenerationAbiogenesis, Lamarckism, emication, the existence of the planet Vulcan, Lysenkoism, trepanation, Miasma theory of disease, telegony, the expanding earth, Gradualism, the existence of Phlogiston, martian canals, Luminiferous Aether, the Steady State Theory, Cold Fusion, Hollow Earth Theory and Phrenology, to only mention a few, have all been proven false.

The white male Christians bring hell to non Christians. It's pissing down in Liverpool and I'm full of cold. They took your money, either they have to do what the contract says OR not put up ANY political signs. Look at the nuttery that is vehemently posted and spewed on this forum alone, and so much of it is just nonsense.

You are 100 correct.

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  1. Goltijora
    Goltijora1 month ago

    Threads all yours doll, refresh and see.

  2. Dougul
    Dougul1 month ago

    Hey Chu!

  3. Знакомства
    Tut1 month ago

    He look exactly like the sound of his farts

  4. Vudozilkree
    Vudozilkree1 month ago

    Then make that illegal. It’s employment discrimination.

  5. Kakazahn
    Kakazahn3 weeks ago

    U meking mi bloosh. '///')

  6. Nizragore2 weeks ago

    That's not true.

  7. Just Sophie
    Voodoogis6 days ago

    u r gonna do well dw <3

  8. Samusho
    Samusho1 day ago

    Working but making the best of it

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